Blue-state Maryland defends abortion and 'gender-affirming' care

Blue-state Maryland defends abortion and 'gender-affirming' care

Maryland Gov. Wes Moore

Blue-state Maryland defends abortion and 'gender-affirming' care

Maryland’s liberal politicians are protecting the sacred-like right to abortion and the new religion of transgender rights for children, which a pro-life activist calls a warped view of freedom.

Gov. Wes Moore has signed the Right to Reproductive Freedom Act into law which states that every person has the “fundamental right to reproductive freedom.” It also prohibits the State of Maryland from “abridging” that right.

Laura Bogley of Maryland Right to Life tells AFN the nice-sounding “freedom” bill allows unlimited abortion on demand with taxpayers footing the bill.

“The legislature won't be able to pass any laws with reasonable health and safety restrictions, which is what most of the public supports - those restrictions,” she advises. “So we won't be able to do things like prevent partial birth abortions [and] dismemberment.”

Bogley, Laura (Maryland Right to Life) Bogley

Maryland is a famously “blue” state that chose Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump 60%-33% in the 2016 presidential election. Reflecting that political climate, in a back-patting press release, first-term Gov. Moore thanked the Democrat-led legislature for approving three abortion-related bills; a Trans Health Equity Act for “gender-affirming” treatment; and a cannabis “reform” bill that licenses and taxes sales of cannabis in the state.

The passage of the liberal laws, Bogley says, comes after legislators openly stated their definition of "freedom" in Maryland means helping minors without parental consent.