Peaceful protesters should be prepared

Peaceful protesters should be prepared

Peaceful protesters should be prepared

An activist has some advice for pro-lifers as they continue to face an uptick in violence.

Students for Life members were recently demonstrating at an Indianapolis abortion clinic that is planning on moving to Illinois, where it will kill preborn children without restrictions. Melanie Lyon of Voices for Life was on the scene after a clinic guard came out and fired a pepper ball gun several times into the crowd.

Lyon, Melanie (Voices for Life) Lyon

"I'd say about four to six of the people out there were hurt from the spray," she reports. "The police were called. EMTs arrived to check out anyone who was experiencing breathing issues, and the police issued a citation for intimidation to the security guard."

Kind of like peppers pray in paintball form, LifeNews.com explains that pepper balls are filled with a powdered pepper substance that releases into the air when shot and causes physical irritation, typically to the eyes and nose. Police sometimes use them for crowd control.

Two of the pro-lifers had to be kept in an ambulance for a short time because of breathing problems.

Lyon says escorts at an abortion mill in South Bend, Indiana have a similar history with pro-lifers.

"We've had issues with abortion facility escorts, most notably Congresswoman Jackie Walorski (R) was almost hit by one of the escorts' cars," the pro-lifer reports. "He came speeding into the driveway as she was crossing it to leave and stopped just within inches of her knees."

With such incidents frequently occurring throughout the country, Lyon says police should always be called, pro-lifers should have a camera running, and no counselor should ever be outside a clinic alone.