Harm from an abortion is real, not 'manufactured'

Harm from an abortion is real, not 'manufactured'

Harm from an abortion is real, not 'manufactured'

A pro-life activist in the Southwest is challenging the pro-abortion talking point that any regret women experience following an abortion is "manufactured" and really doesn't exist.

When Texas laws went into effect to protect the lives of preborn babies, Whole Woman's Health shut down its four abortuaries in the Lone Star State and opened one in Albuquerque, New Mexico – a state that allows the murder of the unborn for any reason up to birth.

In a recent story, Amy Hagstrom Miller – CEO of Whole Woman's Health – is quoted as saying the "stigma and shame" that women experience from abortion is "manufactured." Elisa Martinez of New Mexico Alliance for Life says that's to be expected from what she labels as "the profiteering abortion movement industry."

"It's not unlike how they attempt to downplay the humanity of the unborn, right? We're told that these are just a clump of cells; that it's just like removing your tonsils, when in fact women know that this is an unborn child [and] that they're carrying a baby, their own DNA," she tells American Family News.

For decades, the abortion industry has claimed access to abortion is primarily an issue of "women's health" or "women's rights." But according to Martinez, the bottom line for the industry is the same as it's always been: money.

Martinez, Elisa (NM Alliance for Life) Martinez

"Unfortunately … those who have a profit motive are driven by dollar signs and are driven by quotas to perform as many abortions as they need to keep the doors open and make some profit," she offers. "[So, of course they] are going to lie about the aftermath that women experience, especially trauma, depression, and other complications."

And post-abortive complications are not restricted to women. A recent survey of men who've lost a child to abortion indicates that a majority of them (83%) either sought help – or say they could have benefited from support – in dealing with depression, anxiety, and anger afterwards.