State leaders stand up to Gov. Kelly

State leaders stand up to Gov. Kelly

State leaders stand up to Gov. Kelly

Led by a GOP supermajority, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle in Kansas have sent a strong message for life to their governor.

The legislators had voted in favor of a bill declaring that a baby born alive in a failed abortion should receive the same care any other premature baby would receive. Even though Governor Laura Kelly (D) vetoed it and two other pro-life bills, both houses of the legislature successfully overrode that action.

"It was not surprising but still shocking nonetheless that our governor would actually veto a bill just to require that infants born alive during an abortion are given the same treatment as would be given to babies born at the same gestational age under any other circumstance," comments Jeanne Gawdun of Kansans for Life.

The measure, HB 2313, also requires that such incidents be reported to the state.

Another law calls on abortionists to inform women using chemical abortion that they have a chance to save their baby if they act quickly enough after taking the first pill in the regimen.

Gawdun, Jeanne (KFL) Gawdun

"The abortion industry, by denying women information about the abortion pill reversal protocol, is essentially forcing these women to complete abortions that they no longer want," Gawdun submits.

The third vetoed measure sets aside $2 million for a program called Alternatives to Abortion. The money is given to pro-life pregnancy centers and homes for pregnant women and also to publicize the state's resources available for women and girls in crisis who want to keep their babies.

Lawmakers also overrode four of Gov. Kelly's vetoes of transgender-related legislation, as well as a measure designed to combat the smuggling of immigrants who are in the U.S. illegally.