Pink roses and protections for the preborn

Pink roses and protections for the preborn

Pink roses and protections for the preborn

A young pro-lifer tells about the recent attempt to rescue preborn babies from a well-known abortion clinic in a state where GOP lawmakers want to protect human life from the moment of conception.

The latest Pink Rose Rescue sent staff from Pro-Life San Francisco to A Preferred Women's Health Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. Ayala Isenberg, a full-time pro-lifer who primarily does organizing for the left-leaning Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising, says that clinic was chosen because more preborn babies lose their lives there than anywhere else in the Southeast.

Isenberg, Ayala Isenberg

"We wanted to target this clinic in specific … simply because of the number of women who are in there and how late they do these procedures," Isenberg relays. "We wanted to connect it to the House Bill 533, which is currently going on in the North Carolina Legislature, which would ban abortion at conception in the state."

Not knowing they were pro-lifers, the clinic guard escorted them into the facility with their pink roses.

"[We] sat down in the waiting room, began giving roses with pregnancy help information attached to them to the women, talking to them, asking if they needed our help with anything," Isenberg accounts. "All the women were very receptive; they were very kind. They seemed happy to see us there. Nobody was upset by our presence."

Isenberg says everyone has a responsibility to stand tall and firm for the least of these, for innocent babies.