Honeymoon phase didn't last long

Honeymoon phase didn't last long

Honeymoon phase didn't last long

As local pro-lifers remain vigilant, Kansas City's new abortion clinic doesn't seem to be doing well.

Late last summer, much to the chagrin of local folks, Planned Parenthood opened a child termination center in a business and residential area of Kansas City, Kansas.

Ron Kelsey of Planned Parenthood Exposed tells AFN even though their website continues to show the clinic is open, and even though they are advertising for help online, no abortions have taken place there since mid-February. According to Kelsey's organization, the facility has been closed since February 10.

Kelsey, Ron (Planned Parenthood Exposed) Kelsey

"They've got a couple of nurse positions, a couple of administration assistant positions, and a security officer, so they're quite clearly planning on reopening," he tells AFN. "We cannot determine that they've got a specific date in mind or just what really is taking place; we just assume they're having staffing issues."

Meanwhile, he says Planned Parenthood Exposed continues their sidewalk prayer efforts "so that we can maintain our prayerful witness there and … make sure people know that this is Planned Parenthood, and they kill children, and just educate the public and keep everybody abreast of what's happening."

Also, if the center does resume doing abortions, Kelsey's group will be there to inform and encourage the abortion-minded pregnant women who show up there to instead visit a pro-life pregnancy center, where they can find actual help.

Conflicting rights

In Maryland, both houses of the General Assembly have successfully approved a "Right to Reproductive Freedom," an amendment to enshrine abortion in the state constitution. It will go to the people in November 2024 for a vote.

Laura Bogley of Maryland Right to Life says if it passes, it will majorly impact the movement.

"We know at minimum it will be used to weaponize the state constitution against pro-life citizens and organizations, to chill pro-life free speech and action," she tells AFN. "That's why Maryland Right to Life is so concerned."

If voters okay the initiative next year, it could set up a conflict.

Bogley, Laura (Maryland Right to Life) Bogley

"The Maryland Constitution also defends or guarantees that inalienable right to life, and the state legislature has not repealed that," the pro-lifer explains. "We know that we do have a fundamental right to life in Maryland."

Since death and life cannot both be protected rights, that clash that might have to be decided in court. Meanwhile, Bogley advises people to consider the science, which proves that life begins at conception.

"Maryland is taking a regressive approach, going backwards by denying science, denying the humanity of preborn children," she laments.

So in the months leading up to the November 2024 vote, Maryland Right to Life will be educating the public about that and encouraging them to vote no on the proposed amendment.