'Prayerful witness' present at KCK's new Planned Parenthood

'Prayerful witness' present at KCK's new Planned Parenthood

'Prayerful witness' present at KCK's new Planned Parenthood

Pro-lifers have sprung into action to counter the work of the state's newest abortion facility.

Despite the months-long effort to keep Planned Parenthood from opening a new facility in Kansas City, Kansas, elected officials there have given it their stamp of approval, and it is already terminating preborn babies.

Kelsey, Ron (Planned Parenthood Exposed) Kelsey

"Guttmacher Institute has predicted that Kansas abortions, which were about 7,500 a year in 2020, are going to rise over time to over 100,000 per year," relays Planned Parenthood Exposed spokesman Ron Kelsey. "When you look at the map, Kansas kind of sits out there as an island on its own on non-restrictive liberal abortion laws compared to the surrounding states."

The pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute describes itself as "a leading research and policy organization committed to advancing sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) worldwide." In contrast, Kelsey's organization is currently recruiting volunteers as sidewalk counselors who will hopefully help convince abortion-minded women entering the Planned Parenthood facility to instead carry their preborn children to term.

"As Planned Parenthood Exposed, we are beginning a sidewalk prayerful peaceful witness," Kelsey tells AFN. "We're encouraging people to come out on the sidewalks and pray, and we're wanting to increase the amount of times throughout the week that we are standing in prayerful witness there."

And as Kelsey's wife heads up a local pro-life pregnancy help center in Kansas City, he asserts that immediate help is available to women who choose to carry their babies to term.