Lawbreakers under investigation

Lawbreakers under investigation

Lawbreakers under investigation

A pro-lifer thinks several Indiana abortionists should be concerned that light is being shed on their illegal operations.

After spending months looking over abortion records in their state, Indiana-based Voices for Life has discovered that at least three Planned Parenthood abortionists have done abortions on minors ranging from 13-16 years old without reporting it.

State law requires a report to be filed with the Department of Child Services (DCS) within three days after minors under the age of 16 abort a child so the state can investigate to determine whether she is being abused by an older boyfriend or perhaps is a victim of incest.

Lyon, Melanie (Voices for Life) Lyon

"Deborah Nucatola … was featured in the undercover videos that David Daleiden posted," notes Melanie Lyon, Voices for Life's executive director. "She was the abortionist who was eating her salad while talking about harvesting baby body parts for a profit."

The Termination Pregnancy Reports (TPR) also reveal that abortionist Casandra Cashman administered the abortion pill regimen (mifepristone and misoprostol) to an eight-weeks-pregnant 14-year-old girl at Planned Parenthood Georgetown Health Center in Indianapolis.

Lyon also mentions Ulrich Klopfer, who was an abortionist in Indiana for many years.

"He ended up losing his license," she recalls. "The medical board removed it in 2017 because he failed to report an abortion on a minor, I think in two cases."

After Klopfer died in 2019, his family discovered dozens of boxes inside his garage containing thousands of fetal remains.

The Indiana Department of Health and Attorney General Todd Rokita have been asked to investigate, and both have confirmed that they are investigating the three clinics and the doctors. Lyon says Nucatola, Cashman, and Rhiannon Amodeo-Banker – the abortionists mentioned in her organization's reports – ought to be concerned.


Safe Haven

With statistics showing that an abandoned infant is found every three days in America, the founder of an organization whose mission is to prevent illegal abandonment of newborns thinks most mothers in crisis do not know about the resources available to them.

Monica Kelsey of Safe Haven Baby Boxes tells AFN parents can drop off their newborns at any hospital in any state, but many mothers do not want that face-to-face contact when they are giving up a child.

Kelsey, Monica (Safe Haven Baby Boxes) Kelsey

"We've come up with a way that they can still save the life of their child but also receive 100% anonymity, and that is with the Safe Haven Baby Box," she says. "It goes along in conjunction with the Safe Haven Law, which is still available at every hospital in America. All they have to do is walk in and hand their child to a person."

Kelsey says there is no doubt that the law is saving lives.

"The Safe Haven Law in the last 22 years has saved 4,700 infants," she relays.

In that same time frame, however, more than 2,000 babies have been abandoned, with many of them being found too late.

Kelsey advises each community with a Safe Haven Baby Box to find creative ways to publicize the boxes on a continuing basis so that people know they are there and how they work. She does not think so many newborns would be dangerously abandoned if more parents in crisis were informed about their options.