Small town finds 'greater strength'

Small town finds 'greater strength'

Small town finds 'greater strength'

A local pastor says his community has come together and achieved a big win against the biggest abortion conglomerate in the nation.

Utah Governor Spencer Cox (R) this week signed a bill that will close the state's existing abortion clinics in time, which likely contributed to Planned Parenthood's plans to set up an abortuary in West Wendover, Nevada, as it is just across the border from Utah.

Pastor Dennis Draves of Blessed Hope Church in West Wendover says the city's leaders and citizens did not take kindly to the prospective business.

"It was packed," he shares about last week's city council meeting. "There's a five-member city council; four of them voted against Planned Parenthood."

He was among the many there who spoke out against the plan before the council voted against approving Planned Parenthood's permit. However, LifeSiteNews.com reports that pro-abortion Mayor Jasie Holm vetoed the rejection, declaring, "We have been trying so hard to get the smallest bit of healthcare here."

Her veto does not clear a path for the new abortion mill; it essentially resets the approval process back to the beginning, meaning the local government is at a stalemate on the question, and Planned Parenthood cannot build its new facility.

Meanwhile, Pastor Draves is thankful to see such unity among the Church.

"Jesus prayed that His people, the churches, would be one," he relays, noting John 17. "One of the blessings of this is it has brought the churches together more than they were before. That's a good thing, and I think it'll lead to a greater strength in standing against such things."

To make sure the abortion cartel does not establish a child termination center in the town, Mark Lee Dickson, founder of Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn, will be in West Wendover Sunday night to show the city how establishing a specific ordinance can keep the town and county out of the abortion business.