The pro-lifer and the liar

The pro-lifer and the liar

The pro-lifer and the liar

On this President's Day, a pro-life group is comparing Joe Biden's pro-death measures to the work of a president who built a culture of life.

According to The Heritage Foundation, the Biden administration is quietly floating a rule involving the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which is designed to protect patient privacy.

LifeNews.com explains that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Civil Rights portrays the proposed rule change as an effort to protect the privacy of women seeking abortions, but it could actually interfere with state authorities' ability to protect unborn babies and mothers from abortionists who break the law.

Roger Severino, who served as administrator of HIPPA under President Trump, says the changes would undermine the laws and thwart the states' ability to investigate and prosecute abortionists who violate the statutes.

Severino, Roger (Ethics and Public Policy Center) Severino

"The Biden administration is leaving no stone unturned in massively resisting the Dobbs decision," he observes. "We haven't seen this since the resistance of the civil rights laws back in the day, where it's just doing everything in their power to resist the Supreme Court decision and to go after states that are defending unborn life."

Severino points out that this is not the only case; the Biden administration has also made "unheard of" moves within the Department of Defense (DOD).

"If there's a military base, and a military doctor wants to do an abortion, DOD will reimburse them from any criminal fine and indemnifications," he relays. "They're trying to force emergency centers to perform abortions. The VA for the first time ever is performing abortions."

Also, in making it easier to prescribe chemical abortion pills, "almost as if they're handing out vitamins," the president is ignoring federal law that bans use of mail for abortions. So the comparison between Biden and a former president is stark.

American Life League founder Judie Brown knew President Ronald Reagan, and her son, Hugh Brown, says she played a part in helping him see that abortion is murder.

"President Reagan is the only president to write officially about the matter and state that a country that slaughters its own is doomed to devalue all human life," Brown notes.

He says President Reagan realized the great injustice Roe v. Wade was because children were dying because of it.

Brown, Hugh (ALL) Brown

Reagan tried to build a culture of life. But now, years later, Joe Biden is undoing all of that – all while touting his Catholic faith, which actually opposes abortion. Brown says there is no such thing as a Catholic who supports abortion.

"Hypocrisy isn't even the word," he decides. "Joe Biden is a liar. He may have received the sacraments, he may have been baptized, confirmed, [and] all those things, but he abandoned his faith long ago. He dedicates his life to not just trying to protect abortion, but to enshrine it, in his words, to codify it in the nation's laws and in the Constitution of all things."

Brown calls it "a grave and immoral evil" and reasons that anyone who promotes evil is evil.