Pro-life proves to be a winning position

Pro-life proves to be a winning position

Pro-life proves to be a winning position

Voters in a number of states made strides for the pro-life movement in Tuesday's elections.

The abortion lobby had its share of victory this week. In Michigan, for example, voters approved Proposal 3 – the so-called Reproductive Freedom for All amendment to the state's constitution that will overrule the prevailing 1931 state law that outlawed abortion without exception for rape or incest. Under that ban, providing non-life-saving abortions would have been prosecuted as manslaughter.

Now, abortion at any stage of pregnancy and for any reason has been enshrined in the Michigan Constitution. (See earlier story.)

Elsewhere, however, voters showed their desire to protect preborn babies. LifeNews.com notes that every single governor who signed pro-life laws in the last year won re-election.

In a similar announcement, Texas Right to Life said voters there supported lawmakers who supported the state's heartbeat bill.

"We had some of those individuals who retired, so their seats were mostly filled with new Republican candidates," TRL spokesperson Rebecca Parma tells AFN. "But every candidate who had helped support the Texas Heartbeat Act, and helped support the trigger law, was re-elected."

Parma was also aware of the LifeNews story about the governors' races. That shows that protecting the unborn in a "winning issue" to voters,, she insists.

Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn founder Mark Lee Dickson tells AFN 10 cities – four in Texas and six in Nebraska – had ordinances to ban abortion clinics from their city limits on their ballots.

Dickson, Mark Lee (Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn) Dickson

"We won every single one of the ones in Texas, and we won every single one of the ones in Nebraska, except for one," Dickson reports. "And then, of course, the day before, we had one in New Mexico, so 10 total for the week."

The New Mexico city, as AFN recently reported, is Hobbs, which is very close to the Texas border and could have become a destination for abortion-minded women and girls who can no longer legally abort their preborn babies in their own state.

Dickson says Tuesday's pro-life election results are a clear sign that communities see the need to protect themselves from abortion clinics.

"The smallest city that passed an ordinance outlawing abortion on Tuesday was Wallace; their population's 366. The largest city was Abilene, and their population's 124,407," the pro-lifer relays.

Wallace is in Nebraska and Abilene in Texas.

The Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn founder asserts that communities of all sizes can make a difference for life. And given the results of the midterm elections, pro-life politicians should ignore the calls to consider downplaying the pro-life message.