Pressing on, resolute in their determination to protect life

Pressing on, resolute in their determination to protect life

Pressing on, resolute in their determination to protect life

Abortion advocates in Kentucky and Michigan were successful this week in getting out enough support to approve two constitutional amendments. But pro-life groups in both states vow to continue the battle in their fight to defend the dignity of life.

In Kentucky, pro-lifers' attempt to prevent abortion decisions by judges was thwarted. Amendment 2, if passed, would have simply changed the State Constitution to say the document contains no right to abortion and tax dollars could not be used to pay for abortions.

David Walls of The Family Foundation tells AFN the amendment would not have made abortion illegal, as abortion advocates had publicly claimed.

Walls, David (The Family Foundation) Walls

"Certainly, we're sad to see that the millions upon millions of out-of-state, pro-abortion dollars and their highly, highly deceptive ads seemed to be successful in sowing enough confusion within the Commonwealth," says Walls. "And we're certainly disappointed by that, but the battle continues."

That battleground will be in the legislature.

"The other interesting election result here in Kentucky was once again large, pro-life legislative majorities will be returning to our General Assembly," he explains. "Amendment 2 was simply meant to just add clarity and add an extra level of protection in the Kentucky Constitution against an activist judicial decision. Unfortunately, voters in Kentucky didn't take advantage of that opportunity."

Speaking of courts, the Kentucky Supreme Court next Tuesday will hear arguments for and against the state's existing pro-life laws that have been struck down by lower-court judges. Walls' group has filed a legal brief in the case, emphasizing the need to uphold those pro-life laws.

Meanwhile, pro-life groups in Michigan also are pressing forward despite an election defeat on the abortion issue. At stake was a constitutional amendment to guarantee abortion up to birth. Anna Visser of Right to Life of Michigan explains voters overwhelmingly approved it.

Visser, Anna (Right to Life of Michigan) Visser

"Unfortunately, we were not able to withstand [two things]: the onslaught of New York and California megadonors who flooded our state, and all of the dishonest advertising about this confusing extreme proposal," she tells AFN.

According to Visser, many of the statements by proponents were outright lies contained in last-minute advertising, offering little chance for response. But no rest to lick their wounds.

"We will continue fighting to keep working towards our mission of protecting the dignity of every human life," Visser vows. "We're just going to double down right now, figure out a game plan – but we're definitely going to keep going."

What Michigan voters apparently didn't understand is that the amendment also allows minors to have abortions and undergo transgender treatment and surgery without parental involvement.