GOP stuck to economy but energized Dems pushed abortion

GOP stuck to economy but energized Dems pushed abortion

GOP stuck to economy but energized Dems pushed abortion

The abortion issue wasn't a winner for Republican candidates on Election Day but Democrats used the end of Roe to fund-raise and to energize their base.

In the aftermath of the Dobbs decision and failing policies from the White House, Democrats had only one issue to focus attention on: abortion.

Ark. voters turned down 'scourge' of legalized pot

Charlie Butts, AFN.net

A proposal to approve recreational marijuana was on the ballot in Arkansas but the issue went…up in smoke after voters rejected it in their state.

The amendment, known as Issue 4, was defeated 56% to 43%.

Cox, Jerry (Family Council) Cox

Jerry Cox of the Family Council tells AFN he was surprised voters rejected it by such a large margin considering cannabis manufacturers, who would have benefitted, spent a “boat load” of money to woo voters and attempt a monopoly in the state.

Arkansas voters saw through the pro-pot campaign, he says.

“It would have been a scourge in our state had this thing passed,” he insists.

A similar measure on the ballot in Missouri was approved by voters.

“Oh my goodness, we have never seen so much money spent on an issue, much less on abortion,” observes Marilyn Musgrave of Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America. “They spent nearly a half-billion dollars on this issue just hammering Republicans [and] putting forth lies.”

Election Day was predicted to be “red wave” for Republicans based on polling that showed outspent GOP challengers were closing the gap on their opponents. Political pundits on the Right and the Left looked at the polls and also predicted Democrats had gambled on abortion, and ignored the terrible economy and crime, but exit polling showed abortion was the most important issue to Democrat voters.

Musgrave, Marilyn (SBA Pro-Life America) Musgrave

Musgrave, a former lawmaker who once represented Colorado’s 4th District in Congress, says some Republicans failed to define and push back on the extreme pro-abortion positions when Democrats were hammering at them over Roe v Wade and abortion.

“Republicans needed to fight back, needed to go on offense,” she tells AFN. “Some of them did and some of them didn't, so I think that's the takeaway right there.”