Desperate times and desperate measures

Desperate times and desperate measures

Desperate times and desperate measures

As Arizona's abortion clinics suffer loss of income because of a recently resurrected law, one facility has found a way to continue killing preborn children.

AFN recently reported when a court lifted the ban on a 150-year-old state law that outlaws abortion in most cases in Arizona, including chemical abortions. As expected, the abortion lobby has contested the ruling, and now, a Phoenix abortuary seems to have found a way around it.

Cathi Herrod of the Center for Arizona Policy explains that as of Monday, patients at Camelback Family Planning will have an ultrasound in Phoenix, get a prescription through a telehealth appointment with a California doctor, and then have it mailed to a post office in a California border town for pickup. The Associate Press reports that the costs will be picked up by the Abortion Fund of Arizona.

Herrod, Cathi (Ctr. for AZ Policy) Herrod

"The abortion industry is desperate to find ways to still sell abortions," Herrod observers. "They refuse to acknowledge that chemical abortion pills have significant, severe consequences for women who take the pills. They only are focused on giving the abortion and not about caring for the woman, and, of course, they have no regard for the child."

Rather than looking for ways to circumvent the law, Herrod suggests that healthcare workers in Arizona help women understand that there are alternatives to abortion.

"Arizona pregnancy centers stand ready to help a woman to meet her needs, to take care of the woman and her child," she notes.

Meanwhile, attorneys are looking into whether the abortion clinic is breaking any laws with its new business model.