Abortion goes recreational

Abortion goes recreational

Abortion goes recreational

A pro-lifer in Illinois is discouraged to see her state continuing to uphold its reputation as an abortion destination.

Planned Parenthood has announced that its new 37-foot abortion RV will travel to cities and rural areas close to Illinois' border with pro-life states. Initially, workers will only sell pills for first-trimester abortions, but the eventual plan for the RV is to provide a mobile facility where the lives of older preborn children can be ended.

Amy Gehrke of Illinois Right to Life tells AFN the whole project will contribute to an already dangerous situation in the state.

Gehrke, Amy (Illinois Right to Life) Gehrke

"Under Illinois' Reproductive Health Act, the vast majority of abortion clinics in the state are not required to be inspected," she begins. "Furthermore, if a woman dies at an abortion clinic, a coroner's investigation is not required. Basically, abortion clinics have carte blanche to do what they want here in the state of Illinois."

But considering this new business venture, the abortion lobby is unsatisfied. In fact, Planned Parenthood is looking to make more changes to state law.

"Planned Parenthood is pushing for legislation that would make it legal in Illinois for non-physicians to perform first-trimester surgical abortions," Gehrke reports. "A bill has been introduced by Representative Mary Flowers (D) out of the Chicago area that would allow for state-funded abortion clinics."

That would mean the financially-strapped state would be cashing in on the profits generated by many abortion clinics.

Gehrke points out, though, that while the elected officials in her state are rabidly pro-abortion, the majority of Illinois residents are appalled by the abortion laws.