Cities in Cornhusker State considering sanctuary

Cities in Cornhusker State considering sanctuary

Cities in Cornhusker State considering sanctuary

If a proposed ordinance passes in a particular Nebraska city, then a well-known abortionist could be out of business.

Arnold, a village in Custer County, wants to pass an ordinance to establish itself as a sanctuary city for the unborn. Mark Lee Dickson, who heads the Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn organization, says the residents there are taking action.

Dickson, Mark Lee (Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn) Dickson

"The citizens are interested in seeing abortion outlawed in their village," he tells AFN. "That ordinance will go before their village board, and if the village board passes the ordinance, they have that choice. But if they don't pass it, then it will go to the voters on November 8th."

A number of other Nebraska towns are likewise trying to ban abortions and abortion clinics. Bellevue, Curtis, Gothenburg, Hershey, Maxwell, Stapleton, Southerland, and Kearney are among them.

Dickson says Bellevue is of special interest because it is where well-known abortionist LeRoy Carhart operates a child termination clinic. If the sanctuary ordinance passes, then Carhart will either have to move his shop to another location or close it altogether.

Carhart, who is 80 years old, also operates a late-term abortion clinic in Germantown, Maryland, but he is best known for filing suit to block the federal Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act, which went to the U.S. Supreme Court three times before the court ruled in its favor in 2003.