2 women injured in TX city that praised, defended abortion

2 women injured in TX city that praised, defended abortion

2 women injured in TX city that praised, defended abortion

Two alarming 911 calls from an abortion clinic in Texas are drawing attention to the liberal mecca of Austin, where women are being harmed in abortions but liberal city leaders are praising it.

After back-to-back emergency calls at Brookside Women's Medical Center, pro-life group Operation Rescue obtained 9-1-1 records from both incidents in which ambulance crews were called to the same location March 1 and May 5. In the first instance, a woman, 28, underwent an abortion and was hurting so badly the clinic staff said she needed an emergency room.

“We have a patient who underwent a surgical procedure here,” a Brookside staff member tells the 911 dispatcher, “and she's in a lot of pain that we're not able to manage.”

How bad was the pain? According to the EMS incident report, which was also obtained by Operation Rescue, her pain was a Level 10, the worst level recorded by medical staff.

Two months later, an ambulance was summoned after a Brookside employee call 911 to report a female patient, 25, with “severe hyperemesis,” which is severe and prolonged vomiting.

“She's currently pregnant,” the employee reports, “and she's been throwing up all morning and now she's not responding.”

After those two incidents, on June 2, the Austin City Council passed a resolution that protects “the right of individuals to make their own reproductive healthcare decisions." The liberal city government took action in light of Roe v. Wade being overturned and a Texas trigger law outlawing abortion in the state.

Beyond the issue of Austin city government praising abortion in its city limits, where two women were harmed, abortion supporters routinely insist the procedure is safe. Two women, however, learned during an ambulance ride that is not true.