Pro-lifers educating voters about 'dangerous' amendment

Pro-lifers educating voters about 'dangerous' amendment

Pro-lifers educating voters about 'dangerous' amendment

Abortion advocates in Michigan are hoping to permanently legalize abortion in their state.

As states grapple with the future of abortion, NPR reports that Michigan could become one of the first in the nation to let voters decide the matter. The pro-abortion coalition has submitted petition signatures to the state in hopes of getting on the ballot their proposal to constitutionally guarantee abortion and negate a 90-year-old law that made abortion illegal.

Anna Visser of Right to Life of Michigan calls the proposal dangerous.

Visser, Anna (Right to Life of Michigan) Visser

"It would essentially change every law relating to pregnancy in Michigan and not just make abortion legal," she details. "It would change the definition of fetal viability, it would allow partial-birth abortions, it would take away parental consent laws, and it would take away our ban on tax-funded abortions."

When the pro-life organization learned in January the petition drive was a go, they started making plans.

"We knew that we needed to fight it, and so we created the Citizens to Support Michigan Women and Children Coalition to work against it," Visser tells AFN. "We've added 17 pro-life organizations onto the coalition, and we're all working together to educate people in Michigan why this amendment is so dangerous."

450,000 signatures were needed to get the abortion proposal on the ballot in November. 750,000 were obtained, so the state is now culling out the signatures that do not qualify.