Tom Brejcha targeted by pro-death angry mob

Tom Brejcha targeted by pro-death angry mob

Tom Brejcha targeted by pro-death angry mob

One of the nation's best-known pro-life attorneys has felt the wrath of violent abortion activists and is working with authorities to prepare for their possible return.

When word came that the U.S. Supreme Court would likely overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, pro-abortion groups began attacking pro-life entities throughout the country, and that continues. One attack happened July 1st, when 40 to 50 individuals appeared at the home of Tom Brejcha, founder of the Thomas More Society, a legal firm that fights pro-life causes.

Brejcha, however, was not home when the mob arrived.

Brejcha, Tom (Thomas More Society) Brejcha

"The neighbors told us later they had massed in front of the house on the sidewalk, engaged in chanting obscenities, anti-American stuff [like] 'death to America,' bad words about me, about the Supreme Court," the attorney details.

Members of the crowd dropped smoke bombs, threw paint bombs, and damaged Brejcha's wife's garden. Police officers were on the scene but made no arrests, and the crowd eventually dispersed.

"Frankly, in retrospect, I think they had an exaggerated view of the First Amendment," he submits. "Speech is okay, but this was not speech. This was violent damage to property. And residential picketing is limited. You're not allowed to target any particular residence; you must be moving through the neighborhood."

Though he does not currently plan to file any lawsuits, Brechja says he will be working with authorities to establish guidelines in case the vandals return.

LifeSiteNews notes that despite the many recent domestic terrorist acts against Christians, churches, and pro-life institutions across the country, no indictments have been reported.