Sen. Warren bangs war drums to attack pregnancy centers

Sen. Warren bangs war drums to attack pregnancy centers

Sen. Warren bangs war drums to attack pregnancy centers

An abortion-supporting U.S. senator has declared war on pro-life pregnancy centers, accusing them of being deceptive about their opposition to abortion, but Sen. Elizabeth Warren herself has a history of speaking with a forked tongue.

Sen. Warren is co-sponsoring the “Stop Anti-Abortion Disinformation Act.” The bill directs the Federal Trade Commission to go after the pro-life facilities by creating rules that prohibit “disinformation” about abortion services, Live Action explained.

It is no secret Democrats are livid over the landmark Supreme Court ruling that overturned Roe v Wade, and the pregnancy centers have become a target of that anger since numerous clinics have been bombed and vandalized since a draft opinion was leaked in early May. But the lowly pregnancy centers are realistically a David compared to the Goliath-like abortion industry: AFN recently reported that blue state New York budgeted $35 million to support abortion clinics in the state where attacks on pregnancy centers has gone mostly ignored.

Most pro-life centers operate with volunteer staffs and limited budgets, while Planned Parenthood reported $1.6 billion in revenue from 2019-2020, but Sen. Warren is describing the pregnancy centers as a the Goliath even in liberal Massachusetts.

“Here in Massachusetts, these so-called ‘crisis pregnancy centers’ outnumber genuine abortion clinics by three to one,” the senator complained to ABC News affiliate WCVB. "They are giving it over to people who wish them harm – and that has to stop. We need to put a stop to that in Massachusetts right now."

"I have reviewed Senator Warren's bill and it is a remarkable piece of lack of information, lack of documentation, and lack of accuracy regarding what pregnancy care centers actually do." (Dr. Donna Harrison, CEO of the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians & Gynecologists, during an appearance on "Washington Watch")

Warren and other Democrats are accusing the pregnancy centers of deceiving panicking pregnant women who believe they are visiting an abortion clinic, hence the demand for the FTC to crack down on their supposed deception.  But the pregnancy center websites viewed by AFN openly state they oppose abortion but offer confidential counseling, and pregnancy tests and ultrasounds. Some offer post-abortion counseling.

“Before you reach a final decision, it’s important that you consider all of your options,” the Boston Center for Pregnancy Choices states on its website.

The irony of Sen. Warren accusing the pro-life centers of being deceptive has not been lost on many: Her string of uncovered lies include stating she is a Native American and claiming she was once fired from a job for being pregnant.

Nicole Hunt, an attorney and life issues analyst at Focus on the Family, tells AFN it’s obvious there is “ill will” toward the pregnancy centers after the court decision.

“And, sadly, what that relates down to is ill will towards women and their right to choose life for their children,” Hunt says, “even when they find themselves in unplanned pregnancies.”

Regarding the Senate bill itself, Hunt points out the U.S. Supreme Court shut down a California state law that forced pregnancy centers there to post pro-abortion medical information in their clinics.

“So I do think that there could be a conflict,” she predicts, “not just with the Constitution, but what the Supreme Court's already said is protected under the Constitution.”

7/8/2022 - Comment from Dr. Donna Harrison added.