Liberal state leaders resort to dangerous measures

Liberal state leaders resort to dangerous measures

Liberal state leaders resort to dangerous measures

New Jersey pro-lifers have an uphill battle against the governor's latest bill to promote abortion.

Marie Tasy of New Jersey Right to Life says Governor Phil Murphy (pictured) and officials with Planned Parenthood wrote the latest bill.

Tasy, Marie (NJRTL) Tasy

"He's seeking to allow people from other states that have life-protective laws to come here to New Jersey to have abortions and to obviously let them be able to countersue and to really harbor people like sex traffickers and sexual predators and abortionists who have harmed women," Tasy explains.

The state would also not allow an abortionist who moves to New Jersey from a state where he or she has committed a crime and be extradited back to the state where the offense occurred.

"The main bill (A4350) would mandate abortions in all health insurance plans with no co-pays, no deductibles, [and] no co-insurance," the pro-lifer continues. "In addition, it would put forth reproductive access funds that would set aside $20 million. $10 million of it would pay for abortions for the uninsured and people who come into this state for free abortions."

But as Tasy points out, the abortions would not actually be "free," because the taxpayers of New Jersey would have to foot the bill.

Meanwhile, California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) has pledged to make his state a sanctuary for women seeking abortions. The state's proposed operating budget (set for a vote next week) includes $20 million to pay for things like airfare, lodging, gas money, and meals for people seeking abortions. But as Newsom's administration announced this week, the money can only be used for in-state travel – not for women traveling to California for an abortion. The decision surprised some abortion advocates.