Pro-lifers still have things to do

Pro-lifers still have things to do

Pro-lifers still have things to do

With Roe v. Wade now overturned, a pro-life Virginian says states still have plenty of work ahead of them.

Since the 1973 Supreme Court decision legalized abortion, more than 63 million preborn babies have been killed.

At one point, Virginia had some decent pro-life laws on the books, but Olivia Turner of the Virginia Society for Human Life tells AFN "rabid" abortion folks began winning state elections.

Turner, Olivia (VSHL) Turner

"We face a huge obstacle course, because as we know, the general, mild amendment to prevent taxpayer funding of abortions in Virginia was defeated by the rabid pro-abortion members of the Senate," she details. "So at this point, we are in a position in Virginia where we are a safe haven for abortion practice."

But just as the state became pro-abortion, she says it can once again become pro-life in the next state election in 2023.

"We have to hold the House and keep a pro-life majority there," Turner recognizes. "Then we must remove the pro-abortion obstacle course that has been the Virginia Senate. So there are things to do."

The pro-life community faces the same chore in states like New York, Colorado, California, Washington, and Oregon.