Garlow: Abortion-worshipping California needs Jesus

Garlow: Abortion-worshipping California needs Jesus

Garlow: Abortion-worshipping California needs Jesus

San Diego is declaring itself a sanctuary city for the killing of unborn children, a statement a California pastor calls a wicked proclamation.

Reacting to an expected overturn of Roe v Wade from the U.S. Supreme Court, the San Diego City Council unanimously passed a resolution declaring their city was a "safe city" for abortion. That might sound like a Babylon Bee headline but it is sadly true.

Jim Garlow, the former pastor of Skyline Church, calls it a wicked thing to do.

“That's about as irrational as declaring yourself a sanctuary city for slavery or a sanctuary city for cremating the Jews,” he tells AFN. “This is a slaughter.”

In a statement about the resolution, city council member Stephen Whitburn declared the city council and mayor “have your back” if you are scared and frustrated about overturning Roe v Wade.

The expected ruling, in reality, will kick the issue back to state legislatures, where California is ruled by far-left Democrats and where abortion will reliably remain legal. Yet the Far Left has gone crazed over losing the 1973 ruling it has cherished for nearly 50 years.

Garlow, Jim (Well Versed) Garlow

“No matter what happens with the Supreme Court ruling, no matter who you are or where you come from, no matter the color of your skin or your socioeconomic status,” Whitburn further stated, “I want everyone to know that you are welcome in the City of San Diego to exercise your reproductive rights.”

According to Garlow, it is no wonder California has lost a congressional seat for the first time in its history. That loss means millions have fled The Golden State. 

For the Christians who are left, Garlow says the Church needs to stand up to a dark, wicked culture.

“We have a lot of pastors. We don't have enough prophets,” he says. “We need the prophets who are willing to stand. Jeremiah Isaiah and Amos would not be very popular today.”