Another win for the little guys

Another win for the little guys

Another win for the little guys

Oklahoma has taken another step to protect human life.

Tony Lauinger, founder of Oklahomans for Life, reports that Governor Kevin Stitt (R) has signed House Bill 4327 into law. As it protect babies from abortion at fertilization, it is one of the strictest measures on the books in the country.

"The bill that Governor Kevin Stitt signed into law is enforced through civil remedies, lawsuits," Lauinger continues.

The government, he asserts, will not be instigating legal action.

"It will provide that private citizens can sue an abortionist or anyone who aids or abets the performance of an abortion in Oklahoma," the pro-lifer explains.

The only exceptions are pregnancies resulting from rape or incest, but those cases must be reported to law enforcement before the pregnancy is terminated. The bill does not forbid use of contraception or the Plan B morning-after pill.

Since the bill included an emergency clause, it went into law the moment Gov. Stitt signed it. In response, Planned Parenthood has vowed to ignore the numerous pro-life laws the state legislature has passed this session and continue helping women obtain abortions.