Another sanctuary city in the making?

Another sanctuary city in the making?

Another sanctuary city in the making?

Voters in a Texas town will have a voice as the city decides whether it will be abortion-free.

After pro-life residents of Abilene, Texas -- population 125,000 as of the 2020 census -- conducted a petition drive, the city council called for an election to determine if Abilene will be a sanctuary city for the unborn. That means no abortions and no abortion clinics.

Tentzer, Rabbi Bruce Tentzer

"We believe [in] having our city proclaim itself as a sanctuary for the unborn to where no abortions either before a heartbeat or after a heartbeat could ever, ever be performed within the city limits," Rabbi Bruce Tentzer of Hope 4 Life Church in Abilene tells American Family News.

No surgical or chemical abortions would be allowed under the ordinance. The only exception would be if the mother's life is in danger, and that is rarely the case.

Rabbi Tentzer says Abilene is a church-oriented city.

"I think if the body of Christ will rise up as the body of Messiah in the city of Abilene and take a stand for righteousness, it will easily pass," Rabbi Tentzer predicts. "My concern is apathy."

So leading up to the election in November, churches in town will be working hard to educate and encourage people to get to the polls.