Pro-life counselors at abortion clinic violently arrested

Pro-life counselors at abortion clinic violently arrested

Pro-life counselors at abortion clinic violently arrested

Some pro-life rescuers are facing trial soon over an incident involving violence – violence which the rescuers did not commit.

Ten pro-life counselors, including a Catholic priest, conducted a Red Rose Rescue on April 23 at Northland Family Planning, a child termination center in Southfield, Michigan, that aborts babies up to the 24th week of pregnancy. The volunteers entered the clinic and then dispersed throughout the building.

Four of the volunteers handed red roses to prospective abortion patients and then counseled them to cancel the abortion. The women were handed a pamphlet from an organization that could help them bring their baby to term. These pamphlets include a message about God's love for both the woman and her unborn baby, along with contact information for pregnancy help centers.

Monica Miller of Red Rose Rescue tells AFN that the peaceful mood quickly changed.

"These two very large – I mean, very big, very heavy – security guards burst out of the elevator," Miller relates. "They literally manhandled – I could even use the word 'assault' – they assaulted the four pro-lifers who were in the clinic."

She alleges that some were thrown into the hallway and others were dragged into the hallway just outside the clinic. According to one source, one of the pro-lifers was "literally thrown through the air into the hallway." But the incident was not over.

"This security guard weighing at least 250 pounds got on top of Father Fidelis," Miller states. "He had his knees straddling him and his arms straddling him. It was very, very alarming. It almost looked like a George Floyd moment."

The rescuers were arrested and charged with trespassing and obstruction of an officer. They had to be removed in wheelchairs, as they refused to leave the center on their own initiative.

Miller finds the charge of obstruction hard to believe, considering the circumstances. A trial has been set for May 16.