O'Rourke's new recruit isn't surprising

O'Rourke's new recruit isn't surprising

O'Rourke's new recruit isn't surprising

A protector of innocent human life from conception through natural death sees a number of indicators that abortion will be a big issue in his state's upcoming gubernatorial race.

Incumbent Governor Gregg Abbott (R), who has signed a number of life-saving bills into law, is running against stiff competition, namely from Beto O'Rourke. The Democrat recently announced that he has hired Cecile Richards (pictured), the former chief at the national office of Planned Parenthood, to raise money for his campaign.

Pojman, Dr. Joe (Texas Alliance for Life) Pojman

"As the former director of the entire Planned Parenthood empire, she famously said that the lives of her babies didn't begin until they were born, not a second before," notes Joe Pojman of Texas Alliance for Life. "Now she's with Beto O'Rourke, and it doesn't surprise us because he is extreme on the abortion issue."

Richards' abortion chain has poured millions from its corporate funds into political campaigns to get and keep supporters of abortion and Planned Parenthood in office.

"This tells us exactly who Robert Francis O'Rourke is: A supporter of abortion up to the moment of birth," Pojman asserts. "That's what Cecile Richards and Planned Parenthood support."

Currently, not one dime of the state's tax dollars goes to Planned Parenthood, but that could change if O'Rourke wins in November. Pojman does not believe, however, that Texas voters will be swayed.