Crediting the Creator for his workmanship

Crediting the Creator for his workmanship

Crediting the Creator for his workmanship

Today has been set aside to honor God and how he creates human beings.

Georgette Forney of Anglicans for Life tells American Family News the International Day of the Unborn Child was established in El Salvador in 1993 and has spread throughout the planet. Modern technology, she says, displays the reality of a child in the womb.

Forney, Georgette (Anglicans for Life) Forney

"March 25th is kind of like the nine month mark before Christmas, the day of Jesus' birth," Forney explains. "It was intentionally chosen to remind us of the greatest birth of the incarnation of God that we now worship."

She believes people need to appreciate the fact that from conception on, God does a wonderful work in the creation of every human being, and she points out that many resources allowing people to see the development of a child in the womb are now available.

"When we dig in and we look at that child and we understand how all of its systems are just like our systems -- the nervous system, the respiratory system, the cardiac -- all of that is there really by 10 weeks," the pro-lifer notes. "Everything has found its niche, where it's supposed to be, and then it's just the development process."

Forney says the Day of the Unborn Child is an opportunity for everyone to celebrate the truth of how each person is fearfully and wonderfully knit together in a mother's womb (Psalm 139:13-16).