Report: Racist 'non-profit' execs raking it in

Report: Racist 'non-profit' execs raking it in

Report: Racist 'non-profit' execs raking it in

According to the latest information from the biggest abortion business in the country, terminating preborn babies is highly profitable.

Planned Parenthood has released its annual report for 2020, and it shows just how profitable the non-profit is. Jim Sedlak of the American Life League tells American Family News each Planned Parenthood affiliate has its own executive.

"There are 53 of those affiliate CEOs, and their average salary was actually $391,000 a year," Sedlak relays.

Sedlak, Jim (ALL) Sedlak

That is an 80% increase in pay over a decade, and it means those 53 individuals make more money than 98% of the people in the country. In fact, a top executive in California was paid $618,000 – well more than the federal government's top-salaried person, Anthony Fauci, is paid.

But considering the funding Planned Parenthood gets from the government, Sedlak is not surprised.

"We paid them $618 million in taxpayer money just last year," he reports.

Out of the 53 affiliates, only two black women, one black man, and two Hispanics hold executive positions.

"39% of their customers are people of color, and so they're killing babies of the minority people, and they're getting the money for it, and they're getting rich," the pro-lifer details.

As for profits, Sedlak tells AFN the non-profit raked in $425 million in the last three years. This was after paying almost $45 million to its various CEOs and another $15 million to its employees at its national headquarters.