Elected reps ignoring will of the people

Elected reps ignoring will of the people

Elected reps ignoring will of the people

Some Democrats in Texas are working to use taxpayer funds to send women out of the state for abortions.

Houston, the largest community in Harris County, is considering using COVID funds to pay for transportation and hotels to send pregnant women out of state for abortions. That is if they approve a memo circulating in county government.

Wright, Kyleen (TLC) Wright

"We have information already that there is a strong probability that Harris County is in some ways already subsidizing abortion in Harris County," reports Kyleen Wright of the Texans for Life Coalition (TLC).

But she asserts the commissioners are already wanting to take the idea beyond the one county.

"We know from emails from pro-abort groups that they are planning to target Dallas next," the pro-lifer details. "Dallas County has one pro-life Republican on the Commissioners Court, so they see real opportunity there."

But Wright believes the effort can be stopped at the local level. On that note, she advises elected officials to understand the vast majority of citizens do not want their tax dollars paying for abortion.

"The numbers on this are very high," she continues. "It's like 70% or more of people who object to tax dollars subsidizing abortion this way."

At any rate, Wright suggests that if local governments do not bring the strategy to a halt, then the state legislature will when it next meets.