Small town stands up to abortion giant

Small town stands up to abortion giant

Small town stands up to abortion giant

A small town is doing what it can to ensure that aborted babies are treated with human dignity.

Planned Parenthood has set up shop in Seaford, Delaware, a town of around 7,000 residents, many of whom have contacted members of their city council in hopes of ridding their home of the abortion provider.

Genshaw, David (Seaford, DE mayor) Genshaw

"When it comes to a business -- and I hate to call Planned Parenthood a business, but they are a legal business, and under code, they're allowed to operate in the appropriate buildings," Mayor David Genshaw tells American Family News. "So for a city or a town, there's really nothing you can do to prevent them from coming."

So the people of Seaford began exploring the legal ways they could require the abortion giant to treat the preborn babies after they are terminated. After considerable thought, a proposed ordinance was developed to require that aborted babies be treated humanely; they must be buried or cremated.

"I guess naively I went into this thinking this is a non-issue," Mayor Genshaw admits. "Everybody agrees that we should not be discarding fetal remains as trash or as medical waste. I don't think anybody agrees [we should be doing] that."

In October, after the American Civil Liberties Union threatened to sue the city, which has no budget for legal cases, the ordinance was tabled. But some tweaks have since been made, and the attorney general's office signed off on it hours before the last city council meeting, where the ordinance passed.