OH city latest to declare itself 'sanctuary' for unborn

OH city latest to declare itself 'sanctuary' for unborn

OH city latest to declare itself 'sanctuary' for unborn

The list of public officials standing up to the abortion industry, and standing for the unborn, is growing.

By a vote of 4 to 3, Mason, Ohio has become the second city in that state to approve an ordinance declaring itself a “sanctuary city” for the unborn. The city of 30,000 is a suburb of Cincinnati.

Allie Frazier of Ohio Right to Life says the ordinance limits abortion and abortion clinics within the city limits.

“But it's also a really important cultural statement. Mason is a safe place for families and a wonderful place to live," she says. "And they have taken that commitment to their community to the next level by saying, essentially, We can't control what other cities do but we know within our city limits we are going to protect life.”

Frazier, Allie (Ohio Right to Life) Frazier

Mason has become the 41st municipality to pass a sanctuary ordinance. That effort began in Texas and has spread across the country.

In some cases where Planned Parenthood was facing opposition in a large city, the abortion giant simply moved to another smaller town. If that is the strategy in this case, the City of Mason forbids it.

“I think the abortion industry is always going to look for new ways that they can make money off of women in crisis, and off of killing babies,” Frazier observes. "But I think it's really important for us as individuals and even communities to say, You know what, it's not happening here.”