Pro-life students campaigning for abortion-free cities

Pro-life students campaigning for abortion-free cities

As part of its Campaign for Abortion Free Cities, SFLA has launched billboards in major cities from coast to coast. This one is in the Sacramento, CA area.

Pro-life students campaigning for abortion-free cities

A pro-life organization is taking its goal to save pre-born lives in a new and somewhat different direction.

Students for Life of America (SFLA) utilizes the talents of young people to set up chapters of its organization on high school and college campuses as a way to promote life throughout the country. President Kristan Hawkins tells American Family News her organization is now implementing a Campaign for Abortion Free Cities in an effort to directly reduce abortions in communities by serving women, promoting non-violent resources, reaching out to neighbors, and changing hearts and minds.

Hawkins, Kristan (Students for Life) Hawkins

"These … goals I think really encompass how we make an entire city abortion-free -- not only focusing on shutting down the daily operations of the abortion facility, but changing the culture in a community to reject the abortion facility and the violence that they're committing every day," the pro-lifer relays.

She goes on to share another important aspect of the campaign.

"The majority of women who seek abortion say that they've gone to church recently, and [many] say they don't know of any support service in their church for women who are facing an unplanned crisis pregnancy," Hawkins reports.

Students for Life is already running billboards for the campaign in major cities in Arizona, Illinois, Mississippi, Washington, Texas, New York, and California.