'Voyage of Life' presents the facts

'Voyage of Life' presents the facts

'Voyage of Life' presents the facts

A pro-life organization is inviting everyone to join them on an online voyage that uses modern medicine and science to tell more about the development of each human being from fertilization to birth.

Credentialed scientists with the pro-life Charlotte Lozier Institute have been working on development of VoyageofLife.com over the past several years, and Dr. Tara Sander Lee says the science supports the pro-life position.

Lee, Dr. Tara Sander (Charlotte Lozier Institute) Lee

"We have backed every fact that is on this website with the original scientific resource, peer-reviewed scientific literature that anybody can go and see the full bibliography of all of the science that backs all of the facts, really showing the amazing things with how these babies are being developed," Dr. Lee tells American Family News.

The site explains in laymen's terms many of the simplest things about development of the preborn child -- like when the heart starts beating and when a baby can feel experience pain. Even the things people may not consider are included.

"When are their fingers and toes actually free to wiggle? When do their fingerprints actually develop," Dr. Lee lists. "You can get the most basic information, or you can even dig deeper."

With so much false or distorted rhetoric coming from the abortion industry, the Charlotte Lozier Institute is providing a truthful source of information.