Pro-abortion research gets noticed for pro-life message

Pro-abortion research gets noticed for pro-life message

A pro-life group says research by an abortion-supporting organization is actually proving the pro-life community is making an impact.

Abortion ally Guttmacher Institute did research on unwanted pregnancies, including those who terminate the pregnancy and those who carry the child to term, and the research concluded contraception is a key factor.

Dr. Michael New of the Charlotte Lozier Institute tells American Family News the research figures also show a sharp drop in abortions over several decades.

New, Dr. Michael New

“Back in 1994, 54% of unintended pregnancies were aborted,” he says. “This new data, which comes from 2017, shows the number fell of 44%. So one important reason why the abortion rate has declined by 53% since 1980 is because more and more women are choosing life.”

Those unintended pregnancies are still happening, New explains, but women are choosing life over abortion.

The most likely reasons for the success of the pro-life message over the years, he says, is educating the public about the basic science of life; free pro-life services at pregnancy help centers; and legislation that protects the unborn.