Granting injunction would be 'insane'

Granting injunction would be 'insane'

Granting injunction would be 'insane'

The first hearing in Joe Biden's lawsuit against Texas' new pro-life law concluded last week, and as the ruling pends, a pro-life activist says the court has been asked to toss out all logic and judicial precedent.

The lawsuit, filed by President Biden's Department of Justice, is trying to obtain a court order to halt the state's new heartbeat law that forbids the abortion of any baby whose heartbeat can be detected. Kimberlyn Schwartz of Texas Right to Life says the DOJ has also requested that all citizens of the country be barred from suing abortionists who violate the law – something the statute allows.

Schwartz, Kimberlyn (Texas Right to Life) Schwartz

"This would be absolutely insane if the judge granted it," Schwartz begins. "But what we've seen in many abortion cases is that activist judges will bend over backwards to cater to the abortion industry and throw out the rule book in order to give the abortion industry the conclusion that they want."

She points out that the idea that anyone has the right to sue exists in Medicaid fraud precedent and in the already existing legal standard of aiding and abetting.

"Now the Justice Department is trying to call foul by saying that we're creating some kind of brand new Wild West scenario, even though these standards have already existed," the pro-lifer continues. "The Justice Department never complained about Medicaid fraud, for example."

The case was heard before Obama appointee Judge Robert Pittman, who has no prior rulings on abortion. He did not immediately issue an injunction against the law.

The Texas Heartbeat Act has already saved the lives of nearly 3,000 babies.