A nightmare in Pittsburgh

A nightmare in Pittsburgh

A nightmare in Pittsburgh

An organization committed to promoting the dignity and value of human life and to restoring legal protection for preborn children is requesting a probe into the organ harvesting operation at a Pennsylvania school.

Maria Gallagher of the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation says the University of Pittsburgh could be violating state law in using the National Institutes of Health's $3 million grant to create a hub for fetal organs and tissues for research.

Gallagher, Maria (PA Pro-Life Federation) Gallagher

"The Pennsylvania Abortion Control Act makes it clear: You cannot take the life of a precious baby to harvest organs," Gallagher cites. "For the sake of babies, mothers, and taxpayers throughout the commonwealth, it's time to investigate the University of Pittsburgh."

The Center for Medical Progress, headed by David Daleiden, has obtained records showing that the organs are taken in some cases from aborted babies whose hearts are still beating.

"The allegations read like something out of a horror movie," Gallagher submits. "They're gruesome and disgusting, and it is deeply disturbing to think that full-term babies could be treated in such an inhumane manner. And that's why we need a thorough investigation."

She suggests the investigations should be conducted on both state and federal levels.