Either black lives matter, or they don't

Either black lives matter, or they don't

Either black lives matter, or they don't

A prominent black pro-life leader says supporting abortion contradicts the "Black Lives Matter" mantra.

Though the Hyde Amendment, which forbids the use of federal money for abortions, has saved many lives, the federal government has been a key player in abortion. Now, Democrats in the House have approved funding bills without the life-saving measure.

Dean Nelson of the Human Coalition says that will "without a doubt" result in the deaths of even more black babies.

"Estimates show that there have been about 22 million black children that have been lost to abortion since Roe v. Wade," he notes. "One of the things that has prevented that from happening to a larger degree is … we have had the Hyde Amendment."

Considering the fact that approximately 36% of abortions kill black babies, Nelson reasons that eliminating the Hyde Amendment shows the Democrats' desire to kill more black babies.

"We've seen how the Democratic Party has been pushing people who have a pro-life voice out of their party, and we're trying to hold the line on this to engage with more particularly black Americans to understand this reality and to do something about it," Nelson tells American Family News.

When people declare that black lives matter, he says that should apply to all black lives, including those in the womb.