Unchecked clinic responsible for another patient injury

Unchecked clinic responsible for another patient injury

Unchecked clinic responsible for another patient injury

An advocate for a Land of Enchantment where every pre-born child is valued and protected laments that dozens of patient injuries and a minor's death do not appear to be enough to stop or even regulate late-term abortions in New Mexico.

Abortion Free New Mexico spokeswoman Tara Shaver says the July 21st call from Albuquerque resident Katrina Griego about seeing a "rescue squad" and an ambulance at Southwestern Women's Options marks at least the 36th incident of a woman suffering injury at that clinic. Heavy hemorrhages, ruptured uteruses, and signs of sepsis are among those documented.

"Because of New Mexico politics, abortion facilities are never inspected, so we don't know if they have proper equipment, crash cart equipment, and we don't know what they have inside," the pro-lifer explains. "Unfortunately the Department of Health has no jurisdiction to go in and inspect there."

Shaver says the problem is the state is dominated by strongly pro-abortion Democrats.

"They don't care about women," she asserts. "They just care about pushing this agenda. That means that babies are going to continue to die, and women are going to continue to be injured."

In 2017, Keisha Atkins died after a botched late-term abortion at the same abortion mill. Her mother, Tina Atkins, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Southwestern Women's Options, charging, among other things, that the abortion facility "did not fully disclose risks and potential complications of the late-term abortion" to Keisha beforehand, including the fact that "late-term abortions carry a 91 times greater risk of death than first trimester abortions."