FDA disregarding danger to women

FDA disregarding danger to women

FDA disregarding danger to women

Though research continues to show that the abortion pill combo is dangerous to both the preborn baby and to the expecting mother who takes it, the federal government wants it to be less regulated.

Because of the lack of reporting on adverse events, the numbers are sketchy. But the Charlotte Lozier Institute (CLI) decided to research the records that are available.

"Chemical abortions had a complication rate five times that of surgical abortions at similar gestational ages," relays CLI researcher Tessa Longbons about California. "It definitely has … more dangerous and more things that could go wrong."

For example, an 18-year-old California girl who took the pills died soon after because her pregnancy was ectopic -- something that could have been detected with a sonogram.

Because of its socialized and government-controlled medicine, Finland's figures are more accurate, with records on about 22,000 surgical and chemical abortions on file.

"Chemical abortions had a higher rate of complications than surgical abortions, about five times higher, but more complications overall," Longbons reports, explaining that includes "things like infection and bleeding and women going back to the hospital or back to the clinic because they were concerned about the symptoms they were experiencing."

Meanwhile in America, more than half of the abortions performed are chemical, and the Food and Drug Administration wants to remove restrictions and continue providing them through the mail. In that case, women are left alone to suffer the complications, some that have claimed at least 24 lives in the states.