Record-low abortion rate begets concerns

Record-low abortion rate begets concerns

Record-low abortion rate begets concerns

Stats tell Minnesota pro-lifers that their state has more work to do to protect mothers and their preborn babies.

The state Department of Health report on abortion shows an eight percent drop for 2020, which is the lowest annual total since 1974. But Paul Stark of Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life has concerns about those numbers.

"One is that Planned Parenthood continues to grow their numbers," he begins. "They've increased their abortion numbers in Minnesota nine straight years, and now they're actually performing more than 80% of all abortions in the state. They've really taken over the abortion market, and they keep increasing their numbers year after year after year."

Stark, Paul (MCCL) Stark

Another concern is the use of chemical abortions, which hit an all-time record last year. More than half of all abortions in the state are now chemical abortions, which the abortion industry sees as a way to expand access to the life-ending procedure in a cost effective way.

"Now we have some chemical abortions sent through the mail, where women don't even receive an in-person evaluation beforehand, which increases the dangers to women," the pro-lifer continues. "So that's a concerning trend as well."

Some states have taken their own legislative action to regulate the drugs and ban shipment by mail, and Stark’s organization plans to continue educating people that the baby can be saved about 60% of the time if a woman using the chemical route changes her mind and acts quickly enough after taking the first pill.