Will dumpster violation be the final straw?

Will dumpster violation be the final straw?

A pro-life watchdog group is calling for a criminal investigation of an abortionist in Ohio who continues to break the law and endanger women.

Pro-life sidewalk counselors recently found the remains of a dismembered 17-week-old aborted baby along with patients' confidential information in a Cuyahoga Falls abortion clinic's dumpster.

The Northeast Ohio Women's Center is owned by abortionist David Burkons, who Operation Rescue's Cheryl Sullenger says has a sordid history.

"That includes an incident where he had has license suspended because he was dishing out illegal prescriptions and running what amounted to be a pill mill," the pro-lifer reports. "He served about three years of supervised probation."

Sullenger, Cheryl Sullenger

Burkon has also been involved in several botched abortions.

"In July of 2020, an ambulance was called to his abortion clinic for a 29-year-old woman who was bleeding excessively," Sullenger tells as an example. "This was a life-threatening emergency."

But Sullenger is most troubled by the fact that Burkons' abortion business is operating on an expired facility license. "It expired in 2019," she reports.

There is no record of the state inspecting the abortuary or renewing its license in recent years, but there is record of the clinic failing three annual inspections prior to that. In light of those factors, Operation Rescue is calling for a criminal investigation into the abortionist and that his clinic close its doors immediately.