Pro-lifers urged to action in Louisiana

Pro-lifers urged to action in Louisiana

A pro-life abortion watchdog is asking for the public's help after a gruesome discovery outside two abortion clinics.

Outside the Baton Rouge abortuary Delta Clinic for Women, a homeless man led pro-life activists to a dumpster where he had found bloodied patient gowns and other medical materials that had been discarded.

Cheryl Sullenger of Operation Rescue says the dumpster also contained a sign-in sheet from the clinic that included information about 13 patients, which likely violates federal privacy laws.

“It had the abortionist's initials and why [patients] were there,” she says, “and they were all there for abortion procedures.”

Farther north in the state, in Shreveport, pro-lifers say a dumpster outside Hope Medical Group revealed biohazard bags that included human remains. That likely violated state law. 

Operation Rescue says both abortion clinics have earned questionable reputations over the years, and the pro-life organization says it is up to pro-lifers in the state to urge health officials to investigate.