Pro-lifers easily crack G7 Summit communique code

Pro-lifers easily crack G7 Summit communique code

Pro-lifers easily crack G7 Summit communique code

World leaders have again ignored other countries' cultures and religions and have made it known that they want abortion on demand everywhere.

Leaders from the world's largest nations ended June's Group of Seven (G7) Summit by signing a communique that calls for full establishment of women's reproductive rights, which Marie Smith of the Parliamentary Network for Critical Issues (PNCI) says is code for abortion on demand.

"They're basically saying that we're in agreement for this universal push for abortion … despite the fact that 66 countries ban abortion or only allow it for the life of the mother," Smith laments. "There are more countries that restrict abortion than allow abortion on demand."

Many of those are considered to be underdeveloped, but Smith says they have reason to be concerned about communiques from countries that meet in the G7 Summit and the United Nations.

Smith, Marie (PNCI) Smith

"These major countries like the United States are agreeing to this radical agenda, and then there's pressure on the developing countries who are dependent on the financial aid, the foreign assistance that comes from these countries," she explains.

For years the more affluent countries and the United Nations have pressured underdeveloped areas to legalize abortion, even though most cultures and religious beliefs forbid it.

The Parliamentary Network for Critical Issues a non-partisan global outreach that works to identify, unite, and strategize with pro-life groups, lawmakers, and religious leaders to advance respect for life in law and policy.