Scheidler: The people are on our side

Scheidler: The people are on our side

Scheidler: The people are on our side

A second generation pro-life activist says the Associated Press's latest poll results show members of the pro-life community have work to do.

According to the results, 61% of those polled want abortion legal under most circumstances in the first trimester, but most want restrictions after the first trimester. 65% want to ban second-trimester abortions, and 80% want to ban third-trimester terminations.

"The majority of Americans appear to support abortion in the first trimester, and they want very few restrictions on it," reiterates Eric Scheidler of the Pro-Life Action League. "That's an area where we in the pro-life movement really need to work. We need to try to evoke the same kind of sympathy that people naturally have for children in pregnancy -- you know, the fetus that's in the second or third trimester, but the embryos and fetus earlier in pregnancy that are so much less recognizably our brothers and sisters."

Scheidler, Eric (Pro-Life Action League) Scheidler

Coming from the liberal Associated Press, Scheidler says the poll is important.

"This is significant because this is a secular organization, and no matter who's doing the polling, we see the American people are deeply uncomfortable with abortion," he tells One News Now. "When it comes to late-term abortion they're very much opposed to it. We really have the people on our side when it comes to that part of this issue."

Scheidler adds that pro-lifers must make pro-life an issue when talking with a pregnant woman, when voting on Election Day, and when decisions are being made in their churches.