Kudos to pro-life court ruling … and pro-life governor

Kudos to pro-life court ruling … and pro-life governor

Kudos to pro-life court ruling … and pro-life governor

Pro-lifers in Iowa are celebrating a decision from the state's highest court that could greatly curtail the influence of Planned Parenthood when it comes to sex education in public schools.

The Iowa Supreme Court said Wednesday that the state may refuse to allow Planned Parenthood to conduct sex-ed programs funded by federal grants, reversing a judge's ruling last year that found the law unconstitutional.

Governor Kim Reynolds (R) (pictured) applauded the court's ruling, calling it" a strong statement in support of the idea that taxpayer dollars should not fund abortion" – adding that she's "proud to be a pro-life governor who will protect all innocent life."

In an interview with One News Now, Drew Zahn of Urbandale-based The Family Leader applauded both the ruling – and the governor.

"It's a fantastic ruling," says Zahn. "In fact, we're just grateful [that] the Iowa Supreme Court, by a 6-to-1 vote, rejected every one of Planned Parenthood's arguments.

"The court upheld the rightful authority of the legislature to direct how our tax dollars are spent," he continued, "and we believe the people of Iowa do not support the concept of funding abortions [or] public funding of Planned Parenthood. [In addition,] the people of Iowa should not be forced to pay abortionists to teach our children."

Zahn, Drew (The Family Leader - Iowa) Zahn

And as for the governor's role?

"Iowa is becoming, thanks in large part to Kim Reynolds' leadership, more and more a pro-life state," says Zahn. "The legislature is responding to her leadership. She's been a great spokesperson for life and for children in the womb and we're grateful for the work she's done."

Not everyone was pleased with the ruling, however.

"We are disappointed that the law was upheld because we understand the harm to young Iowans that will result from this decision. We were privileged to support Planned Parenthood in the vital work they do every day to empower Iowans with sex education and teen pregnancy prevention programming," Rita Bettis Austen, legal director for the ACLU of Iowa, told The Associated Press.

The abortion giant has been providing sex education at more than 30 schools and 15 community-based youth-serving organizations across Iowa. It claims it has been using state-approved curriculum.