'So, you’re pregnant…'

'So, you’re pregnant…'

'So, you’re pregnant…'

A pro-life organization that uses its active social media pages, viral videos, and media attention to shed light on what abortion actually is and what it does to tiny humans in the womb has made a new video to spread a positive pro-life message to pregnant women.

The left-wing media has effectively sold the idea that abortion is a remedy for pregnant women who do not think they can afford a child or think a baby would interfere with their future plans. But as Laura Klassen of the Canada-based CHOICE42 points out, pregnancy is not a disease. She says having a child is an act of love.

"We've seen the other side of it, where it actually destroys the woman's life because of post-abortion regret and her realizing that she murdered her own baby," Klassen says about abortion. "So it's not beneficial for women at all, and women are quite capable to choose life and to take care of their children and not to have to kill them."

But unfortunately, pro-life groups do not generally have the same funds the abortion industry enjoys. So CHOICE42 resolves to use every tool available, including social media, to spread the truth. In fact, the pro-life group has just released a short video called "So, You're Pregnant…" It tells expecting moms the truth about the life growing inside of them and encourages them to ignore what the pro-abortion media tells them and to fight for their baby.

Klassen, Laura (CHOICE42) Klassen

"So we just thought as an organization we should put together this video that we can send out on social media," the pro-lifer shares. "Hopefully women in these situations will see that, and they'll be getting that positive message of yes, they can do this and that there's help available."

Many pro-life pregnancy centers are at work in Canada and the U.S. and can advise and provide essentials for a woman with an unexpected pregnancy. And as Klassen adds, that does not stop when the baby is born.

She concludes that women leaning toward abortion would also benefit from seeing the film.