Pro-life pressure prevails

Pro-life pressure prevails

Pro-life pressure prevails

Illinois residents have fought against the establishment and big money to retain an important pro-life law.

In 1995, state lawmakers passed a measure requiring abortion clinics to notify the parents of a minor seeking an abortion.

It took a 15-year-long legal battle before the Parental Notification of Abortion Act was implemented, and Ralph Rivera of Illinois Right to Life Action says part of the reason left-wing Democrats have pushed for its repeal, most recently through HB 1797 and SB 2190, is because of the powerful abortion lobby.

"Various pro-abortion groups have a lot of money," Rivera notes. "They get involved in elections, and that's very important when … legislators look at it and say, 'Will they help me or will they hurt me?'"

Another factor is extremist groups on issues like special rights for homosexuals.

"They're seeing these bills, and … it's for them a little extreme, but certainly it was with this one at this time," the pro-lifer accounts. "But you know it's not over. The other side can keep pressure on to see if they can get those extra votes they need."

So far in this case there has been enough pressure from pro-life residents to compel the lawmakers to leave the bill on the books, and because the proposal is likely to have new life in the next session of the legislature, Illinois Right to Life Action hopes pro-life residents will stay in contact with their elected representatives.