Everyone pays for free abortions

Everyone pays for free abortions

Everyone pays for free abortions

Even California's pro-life residents will have to foot the bill for abortions if a measure before the Assembly is approved.

SB 245, which has been approved by the California Senate, would prohibit medical insurance plans from charging women co-pays and deductibles to terminate preborn children.

"The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services actually determined that California was breaking federal law last fall because it was forcing private insurance companies to cover abortion," recalls Greg Burt of the California Family Council. "That's illegal under federal law."

But with a left-leaning administration now in charge in Washington, Burt says California has been emboldened to force policy holders to pay for the life-ending procedure. So with rates increasing to cover it, even pro-lifers will be financing abortions.

"For decades the American people have said over and over that government shouldn't force us to pay for abortion," Burt accounts. "But by requiring insurance companies to cover these particular services -- you know, killing unborn children for free -- they're forcing us all to pay for it."

Instead, some California lawmakers suggest pregnant women actually need better coverage for pre-natal and post-birth care.