'Warped view of women' continues

'Warped view of women' continues

Parliament has again proven its inability to pass pro-life legislation in Canada.

At stake was a private member's bill that would have forbidden abortions based on the gender of the preborn child. Diane Watts of REAL Women of Canada says it is a genuine problem in the country.

"Figures show that in some areas of Canada and in some ethnic groups in Canada, their abortions are performed when the parents want a boy," Watts relays. "So if the fetus, if the unborn child is a girl, many choose to abort."

She believes the legislation's defeat can be attributed to the liberal feminist groups that are financed by the government.

"They see abortion as essential to the advancement of women," Watts laments. "When you look at motherhood and the termination of motherhood as essential to the advancement of women, it's a very warped view of women."

The advocate for the values of traditional family and marriage also finds it ironic that the liberal government is so strong on making sure women are considered equal to men in its anti-discrimination laws, yet they will allow discrimination against females by allowing the preborn babies to be aborted.